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Asphalt emulsification

Asphalt emulsification

Environmental protection,Avoiding harmful substance  discharge

Project introduction

Emulsified asphalt is heat melting of asphalt, which is dispersed in an aqueous solution containing emulsifier in a small droplet state by mechanical action. It can be sprayed, mixed or spread at room temperature. The surface layer and base course of paving various structural pavement can also be used as permeable layer oil, viscous layer oil and maintenance of various stable base course;

Compared with diluted asphalt and hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt does not require a large amount of gasoline, kerosene and other solvents, and does not require a large amount of heat to heat the asphalt and aggregate. The asphalt content of emulsified asphalt can be adjusted arbitrarily, up to 67%, the mixing is more uniform, and the asphalt film thickness is very thin. In addition, due to the charge on the surface of emulsified asphalt, the bituminous particles can be adsorbed to the surface of the aggregate, and the emulsifier acts as an anti-strippin

How to choose the right products in this field?

According to the process flow, emulsified asphalt equipment can be divided into batch operation, semi-continuous operation and continuous operation. According to the layout and mobility, can be divided into mobile, movable, fixed. At present, semi-continuous operation fixed emulsified asphalt equipment is the main type of equipment at home and abroad.

What’s the approach to these problem in this field which Doan’an can provide?

After many years of production accumulation, listening to customer opinions and improving, absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad, Doan machinery has introduced DAR series emulsified asphalt equipment, which has the following advantages:

   1 It can solve the problem of ratio of oil and water. It adopts two frequency control motors to drive the gear pump, with the advantages of intuitive and simple operation, low fault rate, long service life and so on.

   2 Preparation and transfer system of the emulsifier solution--tans, pipelines and pump valves are all made of 304 stainless steel of high quality, with high temperature resistance and strong corrosion resistance in the case of non - chlorine atoms.

   3 Preparation tanks, buffer tanks and base asphalt tanks are all made of Aluminum silicate thermal insulation materials for heat insulation , which have good thermal insulation property; besides, they have buried heat pipe within it. The heating effect is ideal. They are covered with stainless steel and are beautiful in appearance.

   4 The emulsification machine adopts the modified emulsification machine, and meanwhile, with the capacity to produce modified emulsion asphalt and ordinary emulsified asphalt, giving it a dual – purpose function;

   5 Base asphalt pumps and emulsion transfer pumps adopt frequency converters for speed regulation. In comparison to motor speed regulation in the past, the operation is more convenient.

   6 All pump valves adopt quality products of famous manufacturers. The control system is researched and developed by our engineers with many years of experience in design and development. They are stable in performance and reliable in quality;

  7 Products are designed to ones of integral movable type, adopting international advanced design concept, which can provide customers with more convenient operation procedures.

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