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Asphalt mixing

Asphalt mixing

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Project introduction

Usually, asphalt mixing plant will bring pollution problems such as dust, noise, gas and waste discharge, etc. Common asphalt mixing plant also has high power, difficult transportation, loading and unloading, long installation cycle, etc.

How to choose the right products in this field?

There are still many factors to be considered in the selection of asphalt mixing plant, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1 First of all, according to the demand for production capacity, the output per hour is the primary condition for the selection of products

2 size of construction site, choose asphalt mixing plant; Next should decide the specification of equipment and working dimension according to the circumstance of accessories equipment, with the circumstance that all respects all match only, which improves production efficiency, assure product quality.

3 energy saving, emission reduction, energy consumption reduction and environmental pollution reduction;

4 stable product quality and convenient maintenance;

5 convenient transportation and quick installation;

What’s the approach to these problem in this field which Doan’an can provide?

After 20 years of development and accumulation, Daon’an machinery has absorbed Germany LINTEC advanced technology, launches new container type asphalt mixing plant, the product has the following features:

1 use container semi-closed, secondary dedusting method, the real environmental protection products;

2 the total power of the equipment is 50-100kw lower than that of the ordinary mixing plant, and the fuel consumption is only 6kg per hour, achieving energy saving;

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