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Crack Sealing Machine GD5X-200 in Guinea

Crack Sealing Machine GD5X-200 in Guinea

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Crack Sealing Machine GD5X-200

Project introduction

This projects was installed on 2010, it has been working more approximate 3 years. Generator with 5.5 kilowatt diesel generator, crack sealing machine can be easy to start. High-quality silent generator, can provide stable and efficient power source for the filling and sewing machine, and fully guarantee the work efficiency in daily road maintenance. Stable and reliable, low noise, low pollution. It save too much time cost. 

Customer evaluation

Whether it is the previous Crack Sealing Machine GD5X-200, we are relieved to cooperation with shanghai Doan. In recent years, doan crack sealing machine has constantly upgraded with the technical requirements of the industry, and Crack Sealing Machine GD5X-200 to match our feed industry, which has made great contributions to our energy saving and cost reductions.

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