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trailed 26.4 us gallonl asphalt crack sealing machine

trailed 26.4 us gallonl asphalt crack sealing machine

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Crack sealing machine is designed for heating and pouring bitumen-Elastoplast sealing mastic. Used in the performance of work on the sealing of cracks, seams and waterproofing, repair and construction works on the roads.shanghai Doan machinry has 5 models of crack sealing machines,100,200,350,400,and 500 liters model.


GD5X series asphalt crack filling machine is produced by Doan which mainly used for cracks of aspahlt pavement,concrete pavement ,bridge expansion joints,and paving road links waterproof processing.our GD5X-120 asphalt crack filling machine has 26.4 us gallonl.it can meet the needs of most customers.

Main Features of GD5X-120 asphalt crack sealing machine
1. Famous brand electric motor, stable performance, Honda Generator. 
2. Liquefied gas heating, easy to operate. concrete road crack sealing machine. 
3. Large asphalt tank. asphalt crack sealing machine
4. All the working process heating without blocking.

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